Adrian W. Masterman-Smith

The Joy of Drawing


As I have got older it has become more important for me to capture my energy and vitality in my drawings. I try to dig deep into the energy. My energy, both conscious and unconscious, my needs to reconcile the known and the unknown, and the primacy of lived experience. 

To sit down with a blank page and then fill it, bit by bit, with the Joie de vivre of the sitter is one of the best feelings in the world.

I love life drawing. So many options, the form, the line, the shadows. And then on top of that, to get the texture right, it’s a real challenge. 

      .….Bring it On!

Landscapes of Texture & Pattern

I can’t help but play with drawing. I really like to let the drawing reflect some of the energy and the excitement of making artworks. I like to include splashes of paint and other dynamic graphic marks. They feel very right for me.

Grasslands Series. No. 4

Grasslands Series. No. 2

My friend, amazing artist, and queer activist Michael O’Hanlon said to me “if you want a photograph…. buy a camera” and he’s right. I drew the picture  below while listening to a waltz. 

I let pencil dance the drawing onto the page.

Dancing Tree 2019

Dancing Tree 2019

In this drawing I explore working with classical greek art using a sculpture of Antenous C bc . as a starting point. I work the image introducing splashes, line drawings and photography to give Antenous a street cred edginess.

Splash Antenous 

Quick charcoal drawings

Untitled Drafts

In my new work I explore  the rhythms and textures based on the plants and patterns in my garden and surrounding landscapes.