Adrian W. Masterman-Smith

Arts Facilitator

I have used my experience of brand development, creativity and collaboration with clients and colleagues to deliver community arts, cultural programs and events. 


I founded Creative Goldfields as an independent arts organisation to showcase all forms of creative talent. We are a membership driven organisation composed of artists, designers, musicians, sculptures, photographers, actors, crafters,  videographers authors and performers in combination with local business that include any form of creativity in their approach to doing good business.

It is free to join plus you get a free webpage to fill with your amazing artwork .                     

Everyone can join 

We have 3 categories of membership: 

• Creative Individuals   (all creative people)

• Creative Spaces            (all galleries & showrooms)

• Creative Businesses   (all creative businesses)

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A range of artworks created by Creative Goldfields members

I was engaged by the Central Goldfield Shire Council (CGSC) to deliver the Story Seat project. This project was proudly sponsored by the CGSC and the …………………………………… The project aimed to generate eight special Story Seats which would be located around the Shire.  Each seat tells the story of one of the groups  within our diverse community who contribute to making our identity. 

Below are the stories of three of these seats. 


Generated by eight artists from our local creative community.

What a spectacular seat. The Community Artists seat was the first Story Seat to emerge. It set the standard high and generated great anticipation for the spectacular series of unique seats that have appeared across the Shire.

Located at the corner of 

Neil St and Clarendon St. 

Maryborough, in the 

shade of a maple tree.


This artwork undoubtedly says one thing … ’Orange’,  ‘Say No to Family Violence’ has adopted this bright and optimistic colour to represent a future free from violence against women and girls.

The seat’s artwork was generated by the Marigold Project, a local initiative begun by the Go-Goldfields ‘Say No to Family Violence’ group. No surprise then that this seat received such positive support. The whole seat bursts with the vibrant energy of orange marigolds. 

Located in the Phillips Gardens,Maryborough, looking out across the lake.


The Dunolly Arts hub opted to tell the story of Tiddalik the Frog. Tiddalik is a Dreamtime frog who drank all the water, leaving nothing for the other animals who shared the land. Without giving the end away, the illustrations provide a delightful and humorous recounting of this traditional story. 

Located in the gardens of the Dunnolly Arts Hub,  9 Thompson St, Dunolly, VIC.

Our Community Self Portrait

Our Community Self Portrait was a community arts project run by the Louise Joel Gallery with funding from Hobsons Bay City Council. The program’s funding demonstrates Hobsons Bay commitment to developing and celebrating it’s diverse and inclusive residential and business community. This exhibition, held at the stylish Joel Gallery, was a celebration of the creativity of local residents from the many ethnic and cultural backgrounds within the municipality. Each of the participants completed a self portrait in the weeks prior to the opening night. Then at the opening, the gallery was festooned with ribbons connecting hundreds of glorious portraits. This was another contribution to the Midsumma Festival.

All the portraits were contributed freely for the exhibition and each one was beautiful in it’s own way. 

Walking with Pride

Walking with Pride was a community arts event that opened Hobsons Bays Midsumma Festival. 

Huge rolls of fabric in all the colours of the Rainbow were purchased. Then an open invitation to all the community was sent out to meet at the Louse Joel Gallery. Guests were then invited to hold the fabric colour based on what the colour symbolised.

Then, with their choice of fabric rolled out and held high above their heads, guests danced round Logan Reserve park. They danced like Chinese dragons waving the fabric to and fro above their heads while the street band Havana Palava. played great conga and latin rhythms.