Adrian W. Masterman-Smith

Design Consultant

A critical skill for all designers is the capacity to work creatively with clients. Often this involves enabling them to draw into focus the brief that they would like you to answer. This ability to listen and capture key indicators of the client’s story has always been one of my core strengths. It is an invaluable asset across the many creative disciplines I  work in.

Pattern is every where.

Textile Design.

I trained as a textile designer for both the fashion and furnishings industries. It is one of my great pleasures to work with colour, line pattern and texture. I carry these interests across all my work. I design for the textiles, carpets, ceramics and wallpaper industries, and in fact any product that might require a decorative or ornamental finish.

I love scarfs. I keep on designing them.

This range is inspired by the flow of JAZZ music. 

For me the joy of colour is never ending.

Children’s Fashion Textiles.

I had the pleasure of working with Heather Brown and her husband Graham. I designed a range of textiles for her exquisite children clothes

 Stylish boys leggings

Cool cotton Summer dresses

Fresh summer prints 

Furnishing Textiles

  My brief was easy……. Adrian, just be

       Sumptuous,   Elegant  &  Masculine


It was very exciting to design textiles for Heal & Sons of London. My commission was to produce a collection of sophisticated cushions suitable for the discerning bachelor’s pad in London. It was the beginning of the Bling Style. I worked with my design parter Rosemary Collins, a talented designer and embroider, and together we produced a range of sumptuous hand printed cushions embellished by hand embroidered gold thread and beads

        ‘Chic Chic Chic  Handprinted on moire silk’

Moire silk cushions with hand embroidered detailing

Graphic Design.

 I had the great honour of being President of the Williamstown Croquet Club. The position came with the privilege of working with an amazing Committee of Management and such a great bunch of club volunteers. 

While President we revolutionised  what  promotion of croquet meant.  We connected with many communities and developed a  strong revenue stream for the club by building both Community and Corporate programs. 

My role entailed the development of a sophisticated  brand identity for the club. This was composed of strong promotional literature with polished text and powerful images. Underpinning this was our capacity to reach out and engage with the communities in our society. We ended up being, by far, the biggest revenue earning croquet club in Australia. 

However it was the huge number of people that we introduce to croquet that was the clubs real success.  

One of my favourite events were the annual events we presented as part of  

Midsumma Festival. 

I support Midsumma festival with events that showcase 

the queer community’s 

leading role in building inclusive family activities.

A Work in Progress:

Ceramic Tiles

The ancient Greeks produced very sophisticated pottery. I enjoy their Black on Red styling and want to connect with their design work. I am producing my variation on that ancient theme.

My new work takes a colour pallet of natural textured red clay and combines it with black and white glazes. My drawings will combine to produce a frieze of tiles

Ceramic tiles draft design 

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