Adrian W. Masterman-Smith


I have illustrated a number of children’s books. These books need real clarity in narrative delivery. Harnessing both images and words are a real leaning curve. It is similar to that of answering a clients design brief with a suite of creative solutions.

Sam the Tram’s Dance Club

I work with my partner Lowen, 

an author. Art directing Lowen’s books are a real pleasure.

We enjoy the interplay between 

words and images, two forms of creative expression.

Sam the Tram’s Dance Club is at the forefront of the development of books. The USA edition of this book introduces a style of reading called Empowerment script. It is a new type of reading that can assist the reader to manage anxiety and stress.

It is a huge accomplishment for Lowen to be published in the USA by the publishing house BrainBridge Books. 

Congratulations Lowen.

Copies of this book can be bought from 

Watch out for the forthcoming publication of a series of 10 new stories  in the Sam the Tram series.

Sam the Tram’s Great Tram Race.

Benjamin in Bealiba. 

The book Benjamin in Bealiba flowed from the Story Seats Project completed for the Central Goldfields Shire Council. This book was published as a gift for the children and the school as part of the literacy program.

This literacy project was designed to help groups within our community build stronger connections to the power of words and story. You will see that positive and affirming sentiments are present throughout the book.

Three artists with different skills sets decided to value add to the work of the project and make a children’s book for the young artist and authors of Bealiba Primary School from their artwork. 

All the artwork for the book was generated by the children during workshops led by 

Cathy Tobin.

The Children used drawing, painting, modelling, found objects, papermache, weaving,  embroidery and print making to generate  their artwork.

This artwork was then collated and turned into illustrations that supported the children’s stories.

The two lines of narrative were produced by the childeren. One line was a delightful tale they excitedly told to each other. The other line was the adventures of the teddy Benjamin as he lived with them over the Summer.

The three skilled artists who took the children’s artwork and melded into a delightful children’s book were:

Dr. Lowen Clarke, CGSC Community Artist, focused on retaining the integrity of  the two narrative streams from the children while weaving them seamlessly together into a single exciting narrative.

Cathy Tobin, CGSC Community Artist, focused on the storylines and children’s artwork production, the making of Benjamin the teddy and the studio creation of Benjamin’s world.

Adrian W. Masterman-Smith, CGSC Arts Project Officer focused on concept development, book design,  page illustrations and publication 

Then with the support of Sandra Hamilton, manager of Go-Goldfields, Benjamin in Bealiba was published by Go- Goldfields and the Central Goldfields Shire Council. The books were then given to the children and the school.

                      Copies of this book may be purchased from 

                              Bealiba Primary School ?

with proceeds going towards literacy programs at the school.

The three stars ready 

for their close up