Adrian W. Masterman-Smith

Theoretical Explorer

I have long had an interest in mental space and how we see the idea of mental space. My work is focused on developing images and word representations of this theoretical and abstract space. I develop 2D images and 3D sculptures that try to describe how I occupy my mental space. My mental space is dominated by my imagination. Developing differing forms of creative expression, called multi-modal expression, helps me to capture expressions of my mental space and my lived experience of it. I end up with a series of bodies of creative expression. They all sit in an intimate relationship intertwined with elements of my raw unconscious phantasy (Melanie Klein) that scope who I am. 

I share these expressions on this site. I work says ‘hello’, this is me, and this is what I love doing.  I encourage and support creativity and exploration and discussion of lived experiences in groups. 

The exploration of mental space is unlike any other exploration. 

My creation of  2D and 3D conceptual pieces reflect aspects of my mental space as witnessed through my creative expression. They are attempts to make images and forms that reflect my mental space as a creative being. 

Unconscious Inspiration Too.

Latest work explores the concept of inspiration. I wanted to explore how images and thoughts emerge. Behind this image is a second more conventional image. But this filtered image really captures the struggle to hold the first few moments of inspiration, that space where I try to hold what is not yet in or of this world.

Self Portrait.

I am my values.

They remain strong whatever shape I am in.

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