Adrian W. Masterman-Smith

Furniture Maker

Depot on Chapel

My partner Lowen and I created  ‘Depot on Chapel’, a furniture design and restoration business, on Chapel Street, Melbourne. We both enjoy furniture and exploring timber, featuring and preserving it’s hard won story and provenance. 

Depot on Chapel was a very chic store. We appealed to the creative community and those with a keen sense of the visual.

Boardroom Tables. 

I love making monumental tables, 4-5 mts long and wide as you like. Tables that speak of style and sophistication. My tables command a real presence many board rooms. Their strength, sound proportions, respect of natural materials and ageless beauty impart great vibes into any organisation. People respond well to these tables and contribute their best thinking when gathered around them.

Dining Tables.

My tables invite family and friends to gather and share. Stylish tables that are a delight to sit at and make any gathering special. They become a focal point of family life which is a very important concept to me

      …….. and boy do they Sell!

Coffee and Occasional Tables.

These table are all about relaxed getting together… coffee anyone?

        ……………or maybe a TV dinner!

Book Shelves and Display Cabinets.

These are always popular whether for home or for retail situations. The retail world loved my work as it created great style in a retail space.

Designer wares always look good on my shelves.

Benches and side tables are great pieces of functional furniture. I made them in many different styles for retail shops, commercial spaces and for family homes.

Benches and Sidetables

All my furniture was of recycled timber. The patina and ware of age makes my furniture comfortable to be around. My solid textural energetic pieces inject style and character into any interior.

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