Adrian W. Masterman-Smith

Landscape Designer

  ‘Design is always the reconciliation of 

                             many complex and interacting systems …

                                                                        to the delight of the observer’.  



Landscape design makes a great counterpoint to design work done in the studio. It is hard physical work. In order for the garden to work, the design needs to be supported by a good understanding of the needs of many different systems.

The following gardens are two very different designs responding to two very different environments.


Maryborough Butter Factory,

Maryborough, Vic.

The Maryborough Butter Factory was built in 1918 and is a unique timber design. The old cartway for the cream drays and the surrounding land have been planted as an example of drought tolerant gardening in the Central Goldfields.

Gravel paths of local stone reflect the colours of the Goldfields landscape. 

They allow water to drain into flower beds and provide disability access.

A silver and platinum garden,  studded with gem settings of amethyst, ruby, plum and purple, with sapphire and blues, offset with pops of orange and coral and the sparkle of pure white.

          …………It’s my go to place

Being silver, the garden is always shining. From early Spring to mid Winter it delights me to work in and enthrals it’s visitors.


Spring 2020

Blackwood House, 

Richmond, Vic.

Blackwood House is a beautiful old double fronted Victorian cottage. I designed a petite garden of fragrance and colour using jasmine, roses and lavender. I used recycled bluestone, slate and brick to make terraces and paths.

A pair of fan topped windows look onto a lawn and perennial gardens of ginger, salvias and mallows that flower through the Summer and Autumn.

A rose covered archway with a huge bluestone seat on the brick terrace.

Climbing Rosa Devoniensis covers the huge old stable block.

A small gazebo covered in scented Jasmine and Rosa Golden Showers. A perfect place to sit and enjoy 

Summer evenings.

Rugby, England.

Spring bulbs give way to plantings of blue campanula that cascade over the terrace wall. These are followed by a long season of ground cover roses.

A small courtyard style garden, enclosed by clipped hedges, climbing roses and pyracantha. A small central lawn and a terrace of flagstones with pots of annual colour made a pretty and comfortable sitting area.

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